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Producer: BNNVARA, Kokomo Media

Executive Producer: Floortje Dessing

Writer: Floortje Dessing

Cast: Floortje Dessing (Host)

Genres: Entertainment

49 x 35/40’

Some people choose to live at the far corners of the earth. Out of passion, out of conviction, or simply because they follow their heart. The series ’Living at the End of the World’ takes you to those remote areas and their inhabitants to feel what it’s like to live in such an unusual place. Literally a place at the end of the world. From Gorge River, New Zealand to Qikiqtarjuaq, Canada and from Storá Dímum, Faeröer to Mohéli, the Indian Ocean.

Two years and a corona crisis later, Living at the End of the World is back with season 7! Floortje Dessing visits people who have radically changed course for an existence off the beaten track. She goes to Belize, the Comoros, the Azores and Kenya, among others.

Living in an earthship made of recycled materials in Belize, running a diving school on a completely unknown island in the Indian Ocean or becoming part of the Masai community in Kenya. Many fantasize about it, but only a few really take the step. Floortje spends a few days with them to see how life is going for them in such an isolated place. What motivated her to make this choice? What life lessons has it taught them? And how do they see the future?

Floortje Dessing is Holland’s leading travel show presenter. Since 1999 she has been traveling the world extensively as anchor for different travel shows, the last seven years for the travel show ‘3 op Reis’. She visited the most impressive locations in the world and had a chance to meet people who choose to live a different life. This has led to the idea of this series Living at the End of the World.

The series is immensely popular in the Netherlands.

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