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Spy in the Wild

4 x 50’ & 1 x 50’

How different are we to our animal cousins? In this highly entertaining series a new generation of animatronic spy creatures reveals just how similar we really are. These spy cameras infiltrate the animal world to explore their complex emotions, with each episode themed around a familiar aspect of our own lives – love, intelligence, friendship and mischief. Meet the elephant aunts who act as midwives, the bowerbirds gathering trinkets to impress the ladies, the hippos having pedicures, the monkeys getting drunk and disorderly and the chimp policemen laying down the law. This amazing footage is combined with fascinating scientific detail to lift the lid on extraordinary behaviour. As the series unfolds, it not only reveals some of the most captivating moments in nature, it also hints at the essence of our own humanity. A companion episode, Spy in the Wild: Meet the Spies, is full of funny and unexpected moments as it shows what goes into making the spy cameras part of animal families.

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