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Occupied Series 2

Series 2: 8 x 45’ / Series 1: 10 x 45’

If you had to choose between safety and freedom, what would matter the most?

One year after the Russian “Silk Occupation” forced Norway to resume oil production because of Europe’s severe energy crisis, the daily life of Norwegians is still remarkably similar to the one we currently know. But there are still strangers in the midst. What do they want? They’re already in charge of the oil, which was the reason why they arrived in the first place. Why don’t they leave?

This brand new second season kicks off with an armed conflict between the Norwegian Coast Guard and a Russian Security Company, guarding the oil installation of Melkøya in Northern Norway. Conflicting interests collide. Arms are pointed at one another. No one wants to back down.

Meanwhile, it becomes increasingly obvious that the premise for ruling the country is set by somebody else, resulting in a governmental crisis. The silk glove is turning into an iron fist.

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