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Director: Jean-Sébastien Lord

Producer: Chantal Lafleur, Isabelle Courval, Marie-France Laval

Writer: Jean-Sébastien Lord

Cast: Émilie Bierre, Patrice Godin, William Coallier, Mélanie Pilon, Tayna V. Lavoie, Henri Picard

Genres: Drama

60 x 13 minutes (3 seasons of 20 episodes)

Over three seasons, Jenny follows the story of a young girl whose life is completely turned upside down by a diagnosis of leukemia at the age of 13. We discover, with her, the unsuspected strengths that she finds inside herself and that allow her to face all the challenges that life produces. With the help of her family, her friends and her loves, Jenny experiences a thousand emotions and gets to know herself until she is healed. At 16, she is stronger than ever and has made up her mind to dream of her future and give back to others some of the love she has received.