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The Egtved Girl


Research has shown that the last 15 months in her life were filled with privation and for the first time in the history of archaeology, scientists are able to track the ways of a pre-historic human. It is a spectacular time travel to a more or less unknown epoch of humanity, the Bronze Age. The focus is on her: 16 to 18 years old, adored by her fellow countrymen, buried in Denmark - far away from her home. We trace the girl’s trail through extensive re-enactments and experience how humans in the Bronze Age lived.

Our journey starts in 1921 in the centre of Denmark, in Egtved, where a farmer found the remains of a young woman. Her clothes, hair and teeth were still preserved. It will take decades till the mystery of the Egtved-Girl can be disclosed.

In recent years, scientists in Copenhagen took a chance and started an extensive research. They began by extracting her hair and teeth and doing experiments on her clothes. They examined a container found in the grave; a container that was discovered to be holding the liquid and bones of a child. Like a puzzle, they put all the pieces together and made a surprising discovery: The wool of the clothes came from sheep that grazed in the Black Forest, around 900 kilometres away from Egtved.

Who was this girl? Why did she risk the dangerous path three times in the space of 15 months and why did she wear a see-through skirt?

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