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Director: Nadja Frenz, Ozgür Uludag
Producer: Vincent TV
Writer: Nadja Frenz, Ozgür Uludag
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The Black Sea Coast

5 x 52' (ENG, GER, FRE), 5 x 45’ (GER)

People have always been fascinated with the Black Sea and the numerous legends surrounding the region speak to that fact. The story of the biblical flood into the deep valley of Black Sea basin after a dam bursts in Bosporus is a popular one enjoyed by many. Another is the tale regaling the adventures of the Greek mythical hero Jason and his accompanying Argonauts as they cross the Black Sea while searching for the Golden Fleece. Plus, the legend of Prometheus, who according the Greek mythology is the champion of mankind, peaks on a mountain in Caucasus east of the Black Sea. The region of the Black Sea is characterized by contrasts which emerged from its tumultuous history, old traditions and euphoric atmosphere. It has extraordinarily beautiful landscapes and some settlements on its coast have histories, which stretch back to over 3000 years.

In northern Europe and southern Asia are six (6) neighbouring countries along the coast of the Black Sea that couldn’t be more different from each other: Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria. The film carefully examines these fascinating regions, discovers their beauty and on the journey along the coast takes stock of the values, challenges and hopes that shape the lives of the people from this largely unknown corner of the earth.

1. Turkey – Pristine beauty and deserted beaches
2. Georgia – The melting pot of Caucasus
3. Russia – A touch of the French Riviera
4. Ukraine – Classic Elegance
5. Romania/Bulgaria – The pioneering spirit of the coast

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