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Is it true that all Italians live with their mothers and eat pasta all day, every day? Does half of Holland really sit around stoned in campers? Are Spanish people guilty of sleeping half the day after a bullfight? Europe has numerous stereotypes. However, is there any truth to any of them?

Who better to find out than a neutral Swiss native? Swiss rapper and beatboxer Knackeboul explores the highly provocative world of stereotypes; an exploration that leads to a rediscovery of Europe. In 10 episodes, he visits 10 countries and stumbles upon curiosity-inducing, astounding, hilarious, unusual and gripping adventures. In Italy, the home of Cupid, a gigolo named Sweet Roy teaches him the secrets to Italian seduction and from two Carabinieri, he learns of the magical effect of Italian pasta. Later, Josef Harder explains the famed Austrian humour spawned by frat hysteria about Hitler’s sexual and authority deficiencies.

Needless to say, the Swedish boxing world champion, Mikaela Lauren with her powerful knock-outs has added fuel to the myth of tough Swedish women. Plus, the feminist producer of pornographic films, Zara Kjellner is shocking Knackeboul into never again wanting to sit with his legs spread apart. He tackles the French stereotypes with singer ZAZ and gets to the bottom of things. With her, he learns how to properly drink wine and that the wine drinking techniques are also possible in space. In Greece, he is introduced to the Grecian spirit, learns about Wolfgang Schäuble’s contribution to this spirit and gets Sirtaki lessons from Greece’s most popular comedian, Lakis Lazopoulus. For all entertainment value we will pay close attention to stereotypes, get closer to the people and tell touching and widely surprising stories that humorously scrutinize our prejudices. The film is a poignant, action-packed and authentic European tour through all of our presumptions. Our trip will take us through Italy, Sweden, Austria, Spain, Holland, England, Switzerland, Greece and of course, France and Germany. Be sure to tune in!

1. Italy, 2. England, 3. France, 4. Germany, 5. Sweden, 6. Spain, 7. Austria, 8. The Netherlands, 9. Switzerland, 10. Greece

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