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Asia - Secret Lives, Hidden Places

10 x 45’

Accompany us to the unfamiliar and fascinating lands of Asia. Opulent images allow us to experience the unique beauty of nature and the stories of people and animals living in a world that has remained untouched.

In these two seasons of our series, we lead the viewer into paradisiacal places far away from our civilised world. Enormous areas of wild, breath-taking beauty entice and allure. Time seems to have stopped still for them in the 21st century. They are parks which today are being threatened directly by the ecological footprint of humans. Our series leaves no doubt as to why it is imperative to protect and maintain these refuges for people, nature and animals.

Each of the ten parks has its own particular gems, whether above or below the water. Asia – Secret Lives, Hidden Places II gives the viewer a particular insight into an unspoilt habitat that is far from the beaten tourist track.

Episodes Season 1:
1. Kaziranga National Park: India – Where Wild Things Roam
2. Khao Sok National Park: Thailand – Wild Lives of Khao Sok
3. Tun Sakaran Marine Park: Malaysia – Paradise Found
4. Aso-Kuju and Unzen-Amakusa National Parks: Japan – Under the Volcano
5. Mt Tianzhu and Mt Fanjing National Parks: China – Mountains of the Gods

Episodes Season 2:
1. Gir National Park: India – Asia’s Last Lion
2. Kinabatangan River: Borneo – Forgotten Paradise
3. Pu Mat National Park: Vietnam – Of Bears and Men
4. Great Gobi National Park: Mongolia – Following the Wild Camels
5. Gaoligongshan Park: China – Himalaya’s Gold

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