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Director: Sarah Mast

Producer: Richard Turley – Series Producer, Chelsea Randall - Producer

Executive Producer: Steven Green, Bridget Boseley

Genres: Documentary

Ep01- 56:56:22, EP02 - 44:02:05, Ep03- 42:05:15

The shocking true crime story of a hoax caller who targeted fast food restaurants across America, posing as a police officer investigating a theft, the caller instructed managers to strip-search the young employees he said were suspects; for many victims, what began as a humiliating strip search escalated into sexual abuse. When the hoax caller hits McDonald’s in Mount Washington, Kentucky, a rookie detective makes it his mission to catch him - what he uncovers is extraordinary. With testimonies from investigators, victims and the people who were duped into committing strip-search crimes, this limited series tells the story of the hunt for the strip search hoaxer, and his victims’ search for justice.