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Director: Nikola Lange

Executive Producer: Barbara Maubert, Stéphane Moatti

Writer: Nikola Lange, Charlotte Vecchiet, Thomas Mansuy, Fiona Leibgorin

Cast: Chloé Jouannet , Sophie-Marie Larrouy , Jisca Kalvanda, Suzanne de Baecque

Genres: Comedy, Sports

Demographics: 18-30

18x26’ (2nd season coming soon)

International Sales: France Télévisions Distribution

Expelled by the French Ice Sports Federation 10 years ago, she is working as a checkout clerk at SportSonic, a small store between a Buffalo Grill restaurant and Jardiland garden center in the commercial zone of Mézières in France. Still traumatized by her failure at the 2009 world championships and the premature end of her career, Lola is unhappy with her humdrum existence.

One day, while chasing after a dishonest customer in the street, Lola finds herself gazing at a brand new gym. Inside, she finds young women playing a contact sport on roller skates: roller derby. And then the former champion meets Jennifer Martin, the iconic captain of the Black Weirdos, France’s top roller derby team.

Sure that the encounter can bring new meaning to her life, Lola decides to put her skates back on and take part in a trial to join the Black Weirdos team. She hopes to restore her fortunes and become a celebrity again.

Unfortunately, redemption comes at a price. Her trial for the Black Weirdos does not go as planned…