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Producer: JCS Productions

Genres: Entertainment

Demographics: 18-30, 30-50, Female, Male

Shows: Foreplay

Companies: Armoza Formats, JCS Productions


Each episode features a male contestant, four girls (or vice versa), and a celebrity host playing a quasi-cupid. The four girls compete in trying to win the heart of the male contestant.

Each episode is played out in two adjacent sets and throughout the entire episode the male contestant doesn’t actually see the girls until the end of the show. However, he gets to know their characters via various tasks that are undertaken in and out of the studio. All this leads to the hilarious discovery of all kinds of surprises and revealing scoops about each of the girls.

During the show, the male contestant screens the girls according to the “evidence” he discovers. He narrows his choices down to only two contestants being left on set and then chooses “the perfect one.” Then he finally gets to see all four of the female contestants for the first time. Now he has to make his second choice, but this time, according to the girl’s looks, and without knowing which girl he chose the first time.