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Director: Simon Chu
Producer: Laura Nash
Executive Producer: Jazz Gowans
Cast: Joanna Lumley
Genres: ,
People: , , ,
World’s Forgotten Army


This documentary will explore the untold and secret history of the Chinese Labour Corps (CLC): One hundred and forty thousand workers shipped across from China to Britain and France in 1916 & 17 to form the backbone of the Allied war effort, ultimately helping them win the Great War. The film will tell the story of how and why the CLC were recruited, politically betrayed and how their remarkable contribution was literally painted out of history in the biggest painting EVER commissioned called The Pantheon De La Guerre.

In this film multiple stories inter weave to tell the rich, fascinating and immense contribution that the CLC’s made to the Allied victory in WW1. This includes two living British Chinese descendants – whose forbears were labourers – as they try to piece together what happened to their respective ancestors in the war and beyond. Also in a remarkable world exclusive using forensic technology, we peel back the layers of The Pantheon De La Guerre to help unravel the mystery of the World’s Forgotten Army.

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