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Two Weddings In The Time Of The Brave

46 minutes

Two brave Indian families whose religions originated in the Middle East have risen above fear and strife and celebrated life with all its joy. Fayaz Ahmed, who left Kashmir in search of a better life in Delhi, has bravely returned to his homeland to celebrate the marriage of his daughter with full traditions without fear..

For Ezra Moses and his ancestors, Bombay was only meant to be an interim halt after their flight from Jerusalem in the aftermath of the destruction of the Second Temple. But over millennia, India has become their motherland who has given the Bene Israel a peace that history has rarely bestowed on the Jewish Diaspora anywhere in the world; a peace that cannot be shattered by any terrorist.

This is a story of how Ezra Moses and Fayaz Ahmad, both Indians and yet both descendents of the Biblical Abraham, one a Jew and the other a Muslim, shrugged off their fear and raised their heads in bravery to brush aside the machinations of the Pakistan based terrorist mafia so as to celebrate their own freedom in an expression of joy and happiness by marrying off their children.

Ezra’s son Yuval married Celina on January 25th 2009 in Bombay and Fayaz’s daughter Maina married Hussain on 25th June, 2009 in Srinagar.

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