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Director: Pete Riski

Producer: Minna Virtanen, Saara Kankaanpää

Cast: Maria Sid, Samuli Edelmann, Tommi Korpela

Genres: Drama


When his young son goes missing, notorious crime boss Lefa blackmails police detective Anna, who he has history with, for inside information on the case. When the mysterious disappearance turns into a homicide investigation, the trail leads right back to Anna’s own son, Niko.

Anna does everything in her power to cover Niko’s tracks and protect him from both his fellow officers and Lefa’s murderous wrath, while keeping her crime novelist husband, Henrik, in the dark… But Henrik is keeping a secret from her, too: he is also helping Niko to cover up the murder.

Anna and Henrick are thrust into a dangerous underworld, where parental instincts quickly overcome morality.

A genuine Nordic noir centered on a family’s struggle with traumas and secrets, torn between duty and blood ties, and shaken by an ominous love triangle.