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Pixhug hires Thunderbird exec to head studio

MIPCOM: Canada-based Pixhug, a company focused on social change, has hired a producer from Thunderbird Entertainment as general manager of its fledgling content arm Pixhug Studios.

Curtis White

Curtis White has moved from Thunderbird, where he was head of digital content working on Blade Runner 2049, Beat Bugs and The Man in the High Castle among others, to launch Pixhug Studios in Vancouver.

White previously developed and produced original series for major brands and broadcasters such as Red Bull, Discovery and Corus.

Pixhug was launched in 2016 as a photo-sharing app that turns social media actions such as likes and posts into direct donations to charities.

The organisation partners with charities’ corporate sponsors, enabling anyone with a smartphone to become a social activist and philanthropist without making a direct monetary contribution.

Pixhug Studios will develop and produce original, scripted video content for brands to be distributed over the Pixhug platform.

“We have found that brands are highly receptive to the idea of partnering with us to develop and distribute compelling cause-specific original content,” said Mido DeSanti, founder and CEO of Pixhug.

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