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Chinese dramas to catch

By Content China 05-02-2016

Dramas based on novels, whether historical or contemporary, still make up an important trend in China in 2016. These are 10 of the year’s most anticipated Chinese dramas.

Ice-Fantasy-1Ice Fantasy
Stage: Pre-production
Producer: Shanghai Youhug Media Co
Synopsis: Based on the fantasy novel of the same name written by popular young author Guo Jingming. The story was published 12 years ago, sparking a great deal of discussion among readers. It follows the complicated relationship between a prince and his brother.

White Deer Plain
Stage: In production
Producer: New Classics Media
Synopsis: Based on the contemporary novel by Chen Zhongshi, it tells stories set in a village called White Deer in Shaanxi Province, where the Bai and Lu families have been competing and arguing with each other over three generations.

Head Hunter (Lie Tou)
Stage: In production
Producer: Zhejiang Film & TV Group, King Rain Media
Synopsis: A young man hits a low after failing in his career. After he makes up his mind to start over, he finally makes it to his career peak. The show is the first domestic drama to look at the head-hunting industry, revealing its severe competition, and will also reflect ordinary people’s working lives.

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace
Stage: Starts shooting in August
Producer: New Classics Media
Synopsis: A sequel to Empresses in the Palace, the show continues the former’s storylines. Actor Zhou Xun has been confirmed to take the lead role and the series will debut in 2017.

Swords-of-Legends2Swords of Legends 2
Stage: Pre-production
Producer: Ali Pictures
Synopsis: This is the second series based on the Swords of Legends online game but is completely separate from the first. Unlike season one, the series will include more female characters and romantic elements. The digital effects team from The Lord of the Rings movies is involved in the production.

A Love for Separation
Stage: Pre-production
Producer: Linmon Pictures
Synopsis: Based on the novel by Lu Yingong, this series tells the story of a middle-aged couple who disagree about sending their daughter to study in the UK – a row that leads to a crisis in their relationship. Chinese teen group TFBoys is set to join the show.

The-InterpreterThe Interpreter
Stage: Filming ends in October 2016
Producer: Shanghai Ju Xin Culture
Synopsis: Qiao Fei, a French-Language post-graduate, has sets her heart on becoming an interpreter since she was little. When she meets genius interpreter Cheng Jiayang, they begin a romantic but complicated relationship.

Chronicle of Life
Stage: In production
Producer: Linmon Pictures, Dream Stardom Film & TV Culture Co
Synopsis: Adapted from the eponymous novel, this drama follows the love story of Emperor Kang Xi and his concubine at the time of the Qing Dynasty.

Stage: In production
Producer: Huace Film & TV
Synopsis: This series tells the story of a specialist unit of the Chinese army that is sent on a mission into Burma to fight the Japanese during the Second World War. It debuts this summer.

The Penance Gate
Stage: Production complete
Producer: Guoli Changsheng
Synopsis: Another story based on a novel, this time set during the mid-1990s, The Penance Gate follows a brother and his sister as they compete in business over decades. It is described as both a crime drama and emotional drama.

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