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C21 overview


C21Media is “Home to the International Entertainment Community, combining a portfolio of digital and print publishing brands with an events business and the world’s most powerful online content screenings marketplace.

C21Media’s business includes print magazines, websites, iPad editions, reports, databases, events, a thriving internet TV division and an online content marketplace.

More than 150,000 top level executives engage with C21′s video, audio and written content each month. From those running major Hollywood studios and international channels, to small independent producers and distributors aiming to keep pace with the latest industry news, features and analysis.

This community is the most powerful force in the international television, media and entertainment sector.
Our market-leading website, launched in 2000, now attracts 150,000 unique users each month. We publish over 200 stories a week covering the global content business, and mix video and audio content with the latest shows debuting within C21Screenings.


C21PRO is a multi-user subscription designed specifically for small businesses to enable full access to C21 news, features, reports and white papers, together with unique resources including the C21 International Funding Guide.

Schedule Watch overview
Schedule Watch
Schedule Watch is a premium resource, providing detailed analysis of programming strategies at television channels worldwide. Daily channel profiles and regular updates advise of schedule changes and highlight programming opportunities. Schedule Watch is an invaluable resource for rights owners aiming to develop global programming production, sales and distribution strategy.


Publishing as a channel on and a weekly newsletter, C21Kids is also available as quarterly print and iPad edition covering the kids content sector.

Formats Lab overview

C21Formats Lab
Publishing as a channel on, a weekly newsletter, a section within Channel 21 magazine, iPad edition and content partner for MIPFORMATS, C21Formats Lab is a leading information resource for the global formats business.

Factual overview

Publishing as a channel on and a weekly newsletter, C21Factual is also a print and iPad brand covering the factual and documentary content sector.

Drama overview

Publishing as a channel on and a weekly newsletter, C21Drama is also a print and iPad brand covering the global drama sector.

FutureMedia logo overviewFutureMedia
A channel on, a weekly newsletter and standalone magazine, FutureMedia is about the space in which technology and content collide. FutureMedia is also a one-day conference at C21’s Content London.

C21screenings is an online/mobile screening room providing new programmes global exposure to over 80,000 of the world’s most powerful content acquisition executives. It hosts over 2,400 trailers for more than 500 rights holders, who use its powerful suite of marketing tools to take their programming to market.

Reports overview
C21Media Reports
C21 publishes regular reports and in-depth white papers into the global content business. These run as papers published across a month and are then aggregated into complete PDF reports.





C21TV overview
C21’s in-house TV division makes programming for and about the international media and entertainment business. C21TV produces high quality programming that is recognised as ground-breaking by the global content business. This area of C21’s business has generated significant traffic and continues to grow rapidly.

Channel 21 overview

Channel 21 Magazine
Channel 21 international is the market-leading business magazine for the world’s TV programming community. It’s recognised as a must-read for those producing, co-producing, acquiring, distributing and managing content to all types of channels – from TV stations to internet portals. Each issue is now published with a companion iPad edition and this digital and traditional media partnership has proved a major success.

C21 for iPad
C21 for iPad includes all editorial and advertising from the related issue of Channel 21 together with ‘best of’ video and audio content from 
Advertisers carry their creative through from the print edition and can supersize their ads with a number of digital enhancements, from embedding video to interactive campaigns.

Channel 21 overview

In October 2015 C21Media launched C21Mobile, a new app for tablet and smartphone that provides access to our news, features, audio and video content on the go. C21Mobile is available in the app store for iPhone and iPad with an Android version set to follow.

You can download the iPad version by clicking here, and the iPhone version by clicking here.

C21Mobile is fully integrated with the website and caches most recent content to allow stories, videos and audio interviews to be accessed offline.


ClubC21 has become the hub around which the evenings at MIPTV and MIPCOM turn. On each night of the market we host a networking beachfront club open from 6pm until 2am. More than 1500 people pass through the doors each night.

Content London
Content London
Content London is one of the most stimulating events in the global content industry calendar. Over three days it plays host to three conferences, which pull together all sectors of the entertainment business:

  • C21DramaSummitThe International Drama Summit is quite simply the most significant annual gathering of the global drama community. More than 1,000 key players from all corners of the scripted world, gather together for an inspirational three days that define the international drama business. The summit includes keynote interviews, commissioner briefings, producer masterclasses, buyer and channel showcases, genre workshops, craft sessions, territory overviews, development insight, showrunner one-on-ones, coproduction and finance workshops, director interviews, new drama screenings, networking parties, the C21 International Drama Awards, and so much more.
  • C21Kids Content SummitC21Kids Content Summit brings together leading children’s broadcasters, producers, commissioners, channel heads, financiers and creatives to discuss how to create content for The Pluralist Generation; the first audience of the 21st Century. The summit is designed to inform how best to make and deliver content to this generation of children, born between 1997 and the present day. Through a series of interactive sessions, broadcaster masterclasses and producer case studies, speakers will define audience behaviour, demonstrate best-in-breed programming case studies, and what strategies need to be employed to meet the changing demand.
  • C21FutureMediaFutureMedia is now in its 16th year and provides a road map for what happens next in the global content business. A line-up of twenty one inspirational speakers deliver a vision of the future entertainment landscape.

DSWDrama Summit West
Launched in 2016 after the success of The International Drama Summit, Drama Summit West connects the US and international drama business to facilitate new production, coproduction, finance and creative partnerships. During this one-day conference, screenings and coproduction event up to 400 leading players come together to discuss next generation drama business and showcase the very latest projects making waves in the global market.

DQ overviewDrama Quarterly
Launched in Fall 2014, an exciting time for the genre, Drama Quarterly is for and about the international business of drama. From interviews with showrunners, writers, directors and on-screen talent to in-depth analysis of commissioning trends, project financing, digital strategy, market and sector reports. DQ brings perspective and further understanding to this renaissance business.