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9 Story’s Nature Cat prowls Lat Am

Discovery Kids Latin America has licensed children’s series Nature Cat from 9 Story Media Group in Canada.

Nature Cat made its debut on PBS Kids in 2015

Nature Cat made its debut on PBS Kids in 2015

The series, which targets three- to eight-year-olds, premiered on PBS Kids in the US in November 2015 and has previously been acquired by DHX Television in Canada.

Created by Illinois-based Spiffy Pictures and coproduced with WTTW Chicago, the series follows the adventures of a house cat with no instinct for nature.

9 Story handles international distribution and consumer products outside of the US, while HiHat Media handles brand licensing within the US.

Internationally, the series has been licensed to SVT in Sweden, TG4 in Ireland, SIC in Portugal, Canal Panda and AMC Networks in Spain, Nick Jr in Italy via Funwood Media, Cineplex in Thailand, Discovery Asia in the Indian subcontinent, Mediacorp in Singapore, E Junior in the Middle East and Hop TV in Israel.

Discovery Kids Latin America also broadcasts 9 Story’s Wild Kratts and Peg + Cat.

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