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Nat Geo trails pest controllers

National Geographic Channel in the US has linked up with Shark Teeth Films in Canada to produce a pilot for reality series Okies vs Aliens, about pest control in the American South.

Okies vs Aliens

The proposed series from the Toronto-based shop will shoot in Texas and Oklahoma, following a pair of outdoorsmen who work throughout the South curbing the advance of invasive species, including feral hogs, armoured catfish and mute swans.

“These authentic, larger-than-life exterminators are giving our cameras exclusive access into their world and their battle against alien invaders,” said Charlie Parsons, VP of programming and development at Nat Geo.

Shark Teeth earlier this month received a green light from Discovery World in Canada for its car makeover series Glitter Critters Inc, and recently piloted its underwater archeology project Lowcountry Raiders for Discovery Channel Canada.

“Okies vs Aliens is going to take viewers on a wild and entertaining ride,” said Adrian Carter and Tom Mudd, Sharkteeth, co-owners and executive producers.

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