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Nat Geo staff axed after Fox deal

National Geographic Television International (NGTI) has confirmed that 10 executives have lost their jobs following last year’s buy-out by Fox and National Geographic Ventures (NGV).

Fox- and NGV-owned National Geographic Channels International (NGCI) gained full control of London-based sales and distribution company NGTI in September last year when it bought it out from National Geographic Society.

NATPE 2012The NGCI and NGTI catalogues have now been merged and a new slimmed down sales team put in place leading to the departure of leading executives.

NGTI president Maurice van Sabben, acting VP of sales Anthony Kimble and VP of marketing and communications Michelle Waldron are among those who left the 25 staff-strong company at the end of 2011.

Edwina Thring, VP of acquisitions and co-productions, Roz Parker the regional sales director and Ceire Clark, programming and acquisitions executive, have also left a spokesman for the company confirmed to C21.

Joanna Rowley and Veronique Heim are listed as regional sales director’s on the company’s website from today with Nina Bareta as sales manager and Alex Zlatanova as sales assistant in the new look line up.

Daniela Harris remains as marketing executive and website administrator.

NGTI said in a statement: “With the completion of the strategic review of our operations following the acquisition of National Geographic Television International’s (NGTI) sales and distribution operations and related programming rights in September, we have now consolidated and streamlined our operations, which inevitably has resulted in redundancies.

“NGCI’s Global Content Sales division continues to serve as one-stop hub, representing the full breadth and scope of high-quality programming available from National Geographic. Consolidating into a single catalogue allows us to better manage windows and licensing opportunities with significant benefit and convenience to our worldwide television clients.”

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