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Disney, YTV unleash Japan gameshow

MIPTV: Canadian prodco Marblemedia has been given the go-ahead by nets in the US and Canada to produce a new Japanese-style gameshow for the children’s and family market.

Japanizi: Going, Going, Gong! (40×30′), an adaptation of I Survived a Japanese Gameshow, will air on Canada’s YTV, Disney XD and French Canadian net Vrak TV, which are all partnering on the project. The I Survived format was created by David Sidebotham and is licensed by Small World IFT.

The show will premiere first on YTV and Vrak TV in Canada and on Disney XD in the US in fall 2013, followed by a 2014 launch on Disney Channels in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia Pacific, including Australia, India and South-East Asia.

Marblemedia’s distribution arm Distribution 360 is handling sales across all media in all other territories. It is also seeking other partners to expand the brand’s licensing and merchandising.

Matt Hornburg, co-CEO and executive producer at Marblemedia, said the “inherently random and frenetic” Japanese format was a comedy at heart. “Japanizi: Going, Going, Gong! is a fish-out-of-water experience of kids competing in a unfamiliar world full of wildly entertaining slapstick mayhem.”

Marblemedia’s production consists of three elimination rounds with a final winner, during which four pairs of contestants negotiate crazy costumes, physical gags and stunts, such as conveyor belts, dizzy chairs, giant fans and Velcro walls.

The show is accompanied by an interactive website complete with a second-screen experience mobile app.

Jocelyn Hamilton, VP of original programming in kids, comedy and drama, said the new show fitted perfectly with YTV’s family co-viewing strategy. “YTV is the number one co-view network and a zany show like this can be enjoyed by parents and kids of all ages at any time of the day. Viewers won’t be able to keep their eyes off the screen as surprises will be around every corner.”

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