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ITV throws order for Boomerang

Comedian Jason Manford will front the Boomerang series

ITV in the UK has commissioned a factual entertainment format from Boomerang, the Cardiff-based prodco backed by Twofour Group, which is in turn owned by the commercial broadcaster.

What Would Your Kid Do? will be hosted by comedian Jason Manford and was ordered by factual commissioner Satmohan Panesar and head of factual entertainment Sue Murphy for ITV.

The show will be executive produced by Caroline Davies and Matt Pritchard with Andy Charles Smith attached as series producer.

The series challenges parents to guess how their children will behave in a variety of situations, merging specialist factual child development psychology with a gameshow mechanic. Children are filmed in real-world settings and will unassumingly go through a number of tasks that will explore everything from curiosity to lateral thinking, risk taking to rule breaking.

ITV confirmed its deal to acquire Twofour Group in 2015, picking up stakes in other prodcos including Mainstreet Pictures.

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