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Indian format heads to Thailand

MIPFORMATS: A talent format from India has been licensed for local production in Thailand via Mumbia-based Zee Entertainment.

Dance India Dance

Dance India Dance

Dance India Dance, which is produced by UTV Software Communications and has been a hit on India’s Zee TV since 2009, has been picked up by JKN Global Media of Bangkok.

JKN – which operates a number of owned and third-party channels in Thailand – licensed the format from Zee Entertainment Enterprises and the show will be called Dance Thailand Dance.

“Our home-grown format Dance India Dance will now reach 22 million homes in Thailand through JKN Channel,” said Zee’s global head of syndication Sunita Uchil.

“Over the years, there has been an increasing demand for Indian content and we have endeavoured to meet this demand by offering a wide array of entertainment content through customised services like dubbing and subtitling in foreign languages under the Zee Bollyworld umbrella.”

Zee is billing this deal as the first time a reality format from India has exported to the global market. The format started as Dance Bangla Dance in 2009 and sees Bollywood choreographers judging contestants on their dance skills. Spin-offs featuring kids and mums have also aired on Zee.

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