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Granada scores magic deal with ITV

The trend for paranormal continues as ITV lines up a new daytime magic show with a celebrity twist. Granada International will be launching the format to international buyers at Cannes this month.

Produced out of Granada Manchester, Astounding Celebrities offers 10 half-hours of close-up magic, as a team of eight magicians and illusionists doorstep celebrities and wow them with tricks.

Among the celebs appearing in the location show are Westlife, Atomic Kitten, Sir Cliff Richard, Tonight anchor Trevor McDonald and This Morning presenter Lorraine Kelly. The show was greenlit by ITV’s controller of daytime Liam Hamilton and will likely air sometime in spring/summer, said an ITV spokeswoman.

Meanwhile, Granada International is flying some of the illusionists down to MipTV this month to launch the format to the international market.

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