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Game on for Pac-Man in France

Two French broadcasters have picked up the free and pay TV rights for both seasons of cartoon comedy Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.

Free TV rights have been taken by Gulli, while pay-TV channel Canal J will also air the 39×22′ series, distributed by 41 Entertainment and produced by US prodco Arad Productions for Namco Bandai Games.

Both broadcasters are expected to begin airing the show, which has also been sold to channels in Brazil, Russia and the UK, from fall 2013. Last year, Disney XD acquired rights to air the toon in the US.

Caroline Cochaux, exec programme director of Lagardère Active’s Youth and Family TV Channels, which includes Gulli, said: “We are happy with the storyline, animation quality and iconic nature and know the audience will like the show as well.”

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