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France TV greenlights Zodiak toon

Zodiak Kids will license Lilybuds

Zodiak Kids will license Lilybuds

French public broadcaster France Télévisions has commissioned an animated preschool series from Zodiak Kids Studios.

Lilybuds (52×11’) follows a community of tiny magical gardeners, united in purpose to tend to the extraordinary garden where they live and care for the animals nearby.

The series has been developed for television by Eryk Casemiro who will executive produce for Zodiak Kids Studios.

This series commission comes ahead of KidScreen, where Zodiak will be showcasing several new series such as kids’ interactive drama The Secret Life of Boys, Mister Maker’s Arty Party, second season of animated equestrian adventure The Ranch and Magiki, the new commission for Lagardère’s Gulli in France and DeAgostini’s Super in Italy.

Zodiak Kids will own distribution and licensing rights to Lilybuds.









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