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Food Network SA gets Chopped

Scripps Networks Interactive-owned Food Network has commissioned a South African version of the US cookery format Chopped.

Chopped South Africa (10×60′) will see four local chefs tasked with turning a selection of everyday ingredients into three-course meals. A contestant is eliminated after each course, leaving one winner.

The series will be presented by entrepreneur Denvor Phokaners, with South African food celebrities including Jenny Morris and Lindsay Venn as judges.

Local production company Snelco Prod will produce, while Eugene Naidoo will direct and Sue Nell will exec produce in association with Ukhamba Communications.

Nick Thorogood, senior VP of content and marketing at Scripps EMEA, said: “Chopped is the highest rated and most popular series on Food Network in South Africa, and this new, local commission will give more than 40 home-grown chefs the chance to compete for victory in South Africa’s very own Chopped kitchen.”

Food Network, which is available to all DStv Premium and Compact subscribers in South Africa, is continuing to ramp up its original programming, having previously aired Jenny Morris Cooks Morocco, Siba’s Table and Reza’s African Kitchen among others.








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