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  • Production values
    Toni Sekinah talks to three producers of projects that caused a stir at Cartoon Forum last week about the changes sweeping the animation business.
  • In the running
    Gotham producer Bruno Hellerm considers if the US showrunner model could ever have a place in the UK.
  • Calculated risk
    New channel managers at France’s Canal+, France Télévisions and TF1 are giving their fall schedules a radical overhaul.
  • Postcard from Greece
    A controversial auction of commercial TV licences in Greece has left several channels – and big buyers of foreign formats and factual content – facing extinction.
  • Lure of the small screen
    Netflix’s autumn blockbuster The Crown is made by film veterans. Stuart Kemp discovers why TV is attracting the best movie-making talent.
  • Filling the gaps
    Ukraine’s TV industry is boosting local production after losing Russia as a business partner, and it looks like yielding format fruits. Andrew Dickens reports.
  • Updating the doc
    Pubcasters France 2 and France 5 are turning to international partnerships as they explore ambitious new documentary genres in primetime. Marie-Agnès Bruneau reports.
  • Renaissance woman
    Channel 4 comedy Catastrophe's co-creator Sharon Horgan is on a roll, achieving success in both the UK and US, on screen and off. Nico Franks reports.
  • Open forum
    Cartoon Forum director Annick Maes tells Nico Franks about welcoming new faces to the event and the drive to stop it becoming "too French."
  • Remembering Tim Sparke
    Tim Sparke, the founder of doc sales agent Mercury Media International, passed away last week after a five-year battle with cancer. Adam Benzine reflects on a unique personality in the documentary industry.
  • Cocaine campaign
    Vast Media's Matthias Puschmann examines Netflix’s launch campaign for S2 of Narcos as part of a series of articles on digital marketing innovations.
  • A test of character
    For Sally Wainwright, the writer of numerous hit UK shows, there’s no reason female characters can’t be as complex and flawed as male ones.
  • Comic turn
    The BBC’s chief comedy commissioner Shane Allen claims the genre is in rude health at the pubcaster, with its classic sitcom season now underway.
  • North of the border
    The focus at the Edinburgh TV festival was on Shane Smith – at the expense of other arguably more important issues, writes Clive Whittingham.
  • Crossing the digital divide
    Linear TV might be history and digital the future, but how can producers and broadcasters straddle the here and now? Richard Middleton reports.
  • Redrawing borders
    Becket McGrath, partner at law firm Cooley LLP, and associate Trupti Reddy examine what Paramount’s geo-blocking deal with the European Commission means for the industry.
  • Hitting the Reset button
    Toni Cruz and Josep Maria Mainat, the duo behind Operación Triunfo, discuss adapting apps into gameshows.
  • The heat is on
    Global streamers’ deep pockets are creating new pressures for US studios and distributors, claims Lionsgate’s Peter Iacono.
  • Page to screen
    Majid TV is filling a gap for local content in the Middle Eastern children’s market by bringing characters from its kids’ magazines to life. Nico Franks reports.
  • Remake rethink
    Demand for scripted formats among US broadcast networks might be waning but opportunities still exist.
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  • Studio portrait One of Germany’s biggest movie studios for hire is moving into television coproduction. Wilfried Urbe reports.
  • Malabar’s mission TVO’s Marney Malabar discusses how the Canadian free-to-air network is changing and the content she is looking out for. Adam Benzine reports.
  • Global zeal India's Zee Entertainment Enterprises is having a growth spurt, both domestically and on the global stage, reports Richard Middleton.
  • Digital baked in A+E Networks has merged its international and digital businesses and is targeting both as key areas for growth. Sean Cohan tells Clive Whittingham how he’s going to do it.
  • Who are the pirates? Christopher Elkins, chief commercial officer at UK-based tech firm Muso, says it’s time to adopt a different approach to illegal streaming and downloading.
  • Revved up Former SundanceTV exec Christian Vesper tells Richard Middleton why he’s excited by his new role at FremantleMedia and what it says about the global scripted business.
  • CEE shopping list Peter Chalupa of Slovakia's TV Markíza and Henning Tewes of RTL Croatia tell C21 how formats are defining their channels and reveal the types of shows they are currently seeking.
  • A vote for change Will Brexit liberate the UK’s TV sector or will international media giants abandon London for mainland Europe? Raymond Snoddy gauges opinion.
  • Widening horizons Japan’s long-established TV business has been notoriously insular for decades, but this could be changing on the factual side.
  • Virtually there 44 Blue and its VR studio Ovrture were acquired by Red Arrow Entertainment this week. Ovrture’s Mike Drachkovitch explains the technology's potential.