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Euro nets take on Rednecks

Broadcasters in Italy and Norway have picked up the factual series High Tech Rednecks and lifestyle show Money Moron from Canadian distributor Peacock Alley Media.

In Italy, De Agostini Editore has acquired High Tech Rednecks (8×60′) for its satellite TV platform DeASapere HD.

Produced by Shark Teeth Films for Discovery Canada, the series features a group of specialists who manufacture the biggest and most innovative automotive machines on the planet.

The show has previously been acquired by the likes of Discovery Asia, Discovery Poland, Seven Network in Australia and RTL Nitro in Germany.

Meanwhile, in Norway, SBS/Discovery has taken Money Moron (24×30′), which sees host and financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade offer shrewd financial advice to viewers.

It was created and produced by Peacock Alley Entertainment for Shaw Communications’ Slice network and is also seen on TVA Quebec.

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