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eOne space toon lands in Europe

Winston Steinburger & Sir Dudley Ding Dong

Winston Steinburger & Sir Dudley Ding Dong

Broadcasters in France and Belgium have acquired the comedy cartoon series Winston Steinburger & Sir Dudley Ding Dong from Entertainment One (eOne).

Cartoon Network in France and Belgium and OUFtivi in Belgium have acquired broadcast rights to the first season (52×11′) of the 2D animated show. It will begin airing on Cartoon Network in France and Belgium from February and on OUFtivi from June this year.

Aimed at 6-12s, the series follows the high jinks of a thrill-seeking space kid, his feline best friend and an uptight alien as they explore the galaxy in a homemade space cruiser.

It was developed by animation studio Sticky Pictures in Australia and eOne Family and coproduced with broadcasters ABC3 in Australia and Teletoon in Canada, which began airing it last year and yesterday, respectively.

The deals follow others with broadcasters such as TVE Clan in Spain, BIGGS in Portugal, KIX in the UK and MBC Group in the Middle East and North Africa.

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