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Dynamic to adapt Delcourt graphic novels

Dynamic Television has linked up with fellow US prodcos Element 8 and Grid Labs to produce and distribute a live-action TV adaptation of French graphic novel series Le Chants des Stryges.

Holly Hines

Daniel March and Holly Hines of Dynamic will executive produce the series, titled Stryx, along with Mark Mertens and Peter Lories from Grid Labs and Jin Ishimoto, Harvey Myman and Patty Ishimoto from Element 8.

The 17-volume series has been among the most popular adult graphic novels in France for nearly two decades and sold millions of copies.

Published by Delcourt Group, the action suspense thriller has earned an international following and spawned five spin-offs totalling 42 books.

The Le Chants des Stryges series runs to 17 books

The franchise has been translated into nine languages with the English-language version available on Amazon’s comiXology.

The TV adaptation is being written by writer and director John Harrison, whose credits include the Emmy-winning adaptation of Dune and Residue for Netflix. Harrison has also worked with George A Romero on Tales From the Darkside and other productions.

Stryx follows an American secret agent as he teams up with a mysterious female mercenary in an effort to clear his name, while discovering a race of super creatures that have long inhabited the Earth along the way.

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