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Discovery World okays Rednecks

Discovery World in Canada and US-based MavTV have greenlit High Tech Rednecks, a new factual series from Toronto-based Shark Teeth Films.

NATPE 2013

The 8×60’ series is expected to air later this year, set amid an autoshop, Critter Gitters Inc, which specializes in building large, outlandish vehicles.

Shark Teeth also recently wrapped the hour-long pilot for its Lowcountry Raiders, a factual about archeologists who search underwater for lost relics. That project is in the works with Discovery Channel Canada.

“It’s exciting to have two shows with the Discovery Canada family, and also have such strong support from MavTV in the United States,” said executive producers and Shark Teeth co-owners Tom Mudd and Adrian Carter.

High Tech Rednecks is said to represent MavTV’s biggest investment in original programming to date. The Atlanta-based specialty channel plays movies and TV shows that lean towards action, comedy and male viewers.

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