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DeLaney boards Boat Rocker

Newly formed Canadian animation prodco Boat Rocker Media, part of Temple Street Productions, has appointed a global sales and licensing VP to its rights arm.

Gia DeLaney, who joins after four years as VP of programme sales at American Greetings Entertainment, has taken up the newly created position.

Boat Rocker, which has offices in Toronto, LA and New York, has been formed as part of a restructure at Orphan Black producer Temple Street.

Temple Street co-presidents David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg will be co-executive chairmen of Boat Rocker while MD John Young becomes CEO of the new entity.

The company includes a new animation studio based in Toronto as well as strategies in brands and programme rights.

DeLaney’s appointment was announced by Jon Rutherford, president of distribution at Boat Rocker Rights.

Based in New York, DeLaney will lead kids and family content sales, explore new licensing opportunities and oversee third-party acquisitions reporting to Rutherford.

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