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Cloudbabies float to China

Hoho Entertainment’s Cloudbabies

MIPCOM: Chinese media group Wow Dadi Technology has struck a wide-ranging licensing and coproduction deal with UK producer and distributor Hoho Entertainment to launch Cloudbabies in mainland China.

The deal for the preschool show covers distribution and merchandising rights for season one and a coproduction agreement between the two companies for its 52-episode second season.

The coproduction agreement was forged under the new UK-China coproduction treaty, which is expected to be ratified by the Chinese government soon.

Hoho joint MD Helen Howells said the breakthrough came with the help of Chinese market consultant Maggie Liang, MD of TMP, after early forays in the Chinese market.

Wow Dadi deputy general manager Rui Zhang said his company was aiming “to nurture partnerships with seasoned producers to coproduce world-class animation series that we can launch in the Chinese market.” Cloudbabies would “have particular appeal to Chinese preschool children,” he added.

Originally launched on CBeebies in the UK, Cloudbabies has been widely licensed across the globe in territories including Russia, the US, South Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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