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Cultural significance

By Content China 10-04-2014

Cultural formats may have had a number of lean years on Chinese television but are now flourishing, after audiences began to take an interest in them last year. Within the genre, the cultural quizshow is still leading the trend.

Since Chinese Spelling Hero – a show represented by 3C Media at MipTV this year – made its debut in 2013, cultural shows have been springing up in China like mushrooms after rain. Season two of Hebei TV’s Chinese Poetry and Henan TV’s Idioms Hero (S2) joined the cultural mêlée at the same time, at the end of last month. Then, at 21.20 on April 6, came Guizhou TV’s The Most Loving China, centring Chinese historical figures.

In the first round, contestants randomly choose a historical figure in the ‘library’ and give eight key words related to that person. They can get tutors’ help if they guess four correct out of the eight. The tutors are Lianhai Ji, Liqun Wang and Zhen Kang from CCTV series Lecture Room, in which scholars from various disciplines are invited to give lectures.

Another cultural series will join the genre in the middle of April: Take You to the Stars. The show explores Korean culture by following top Korean stars and the sets of drama productions. My Love from the Stars actor Kim Soo Hyun is confirmed as a guest and the show will be produced by Jiangsu TV in South Korea.

Elsewhere, cameras rolled on Zhejiang TV’s reality dancing show So You Think You Can Dance earlier this month, before the show launches at 21.10 on Saturday April 19. Tutors include Aaron Kwok, Kim Sŏng and Qing Hai.

On the comedy reality side, CCTV’s blockbuster Joy Street, an improvisational comedy reality show, will premiere on CCTV1 in June. Unlike other shows in the same genre, it focuses on integrating with online platforms. Contestants’ performances will be available simultaneously on TV and on social media.

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