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C4 lines up Playdates, more Hunted

Channel 4’s manhunt reality series Hunted

Channel 4 in the UK has ordered two documentaries including a show looking at how children interact on playdates, along with a new season of manhunt series Hunted.

Postcode Playdates (3×60’), from the UK’s Firecracker Films, follows children from the same neighbourhoods to explore how kids from different classes and cultures get along.

The show was commissioned by C4’s head of formats Dom Bird and education commissioning editor Emily Jones.

C4 has also ordered two-part doc Working Class White Men, from Swan Films, which is presented by UK rap artist Professor Green and explores what life is like for six ordinary men in different parts of the country.

The third season of C4’s manhunt reality format Hunted (6×60’) sees nine people go on the run for a chance to win a share of £100,000 (US$132,000) if they evade capture for 25 days.

The show was commissioned by C4’s head of formats Dom Bird, head of documentaries Nick Mirsky and documentaries commissioning editor Madonna Benjamin.

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