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Boat Rocker agrees Peace deal

Bake with Anna Olson

Bake with Anna Olson

Canada’s Boat Rocker Media has bought the factual and lifestyle content catalogue from the distribution arm of Peace Point Entertainment Group.

Boat Rocker Rights, the distribution arm of the Canuck firm, has acquired the catalogue from Peace Point Rights. It comprises more than 40 programmes, totalling over 600 hours of content.

The catalogue includes a combination of Peace Point-produced shows and third-party acquired content, including Bake With Anna Olson, unscripted renovation comedy Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure and fashion reality series Keasha’s Perfect Dress.

The agreement also includes a multi-year first-look deal for future Peace Point production.

Jon Rutherford, president of distribution at Boat Rocker Rights, said Peace Point had “built strong distribution partnerships with a wide variety of content producers, and we look forward to working closely with each party and strategically representing their programmes moving forward.

“These additions round out Boat Rocker’s factual content library significantly, and the new partnership on Peace Point’s upcoming productions will continue this pipeline into the future.”

Les Tomlin, president at Peace Point Entertainment Group, added: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Jon Rutherford and the Boat Rocker team on furthering the reach of our global media brands. We’re looking forward to working with Boat Rocker as our distribution partner as we continue to expand our growing slate of productions.”

Boat Rocker Rights manages the distribution, sales and acquisition of multiplatform content around the world, including original series Lost & Found Music Studios, Ollie! The Boy Who Became What He Ate and Xploration Station, plus the recently acquired Mountain Road Productions catalogue.

Boat Rocker has been in expansion mode recently, completing its second purchase of a Canuck animation outfit this year with the acquisition of Ottawa-based Jam Filled Entertainment earlier in the month.

This followed Boat Rocker’s investment in another Toronto-based animation outfit, Industrial Brothers, which was bought as part of plans to expand its kids’ and animation footprint.

Boat Rocker, which is behind The Next Step, also now houses Temple Street Productions, producer of BBC America’s Orphan Black, following a restructure towards the end of last year.

Canadian insurance and investment firm Fairfax Financial Holdings took a majority stake in Temple Street Productions in July last year.


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