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Blue Ant starts animation studio

Look Mom! Productions’ Toy Hunters

Blue Ant Media in Canada has set up an animation studio in Toronto, with two action-comedy series already on its slate.

Look Mom! Productions is developing Toy Hunters (26×11′) and Cloudface (26×11′), both of which are aimed at six- to 11-year-olds.

Toy Hunters follows two brothers who learn that their eccentric grandfather led a secret life travelling the world to hunt down haunted toys. Cloudface, meanwhile, is about a character with a short attention span who is fiercely loyal to his friends but often forgets to honour commitments.

The firm will be seeking coproduction opportunities for the two shows at Mipcom next week.

Joshua Bowen, who has been with Blue Ant since 2013, has been appointed creative director of the studio, which will also produce content aimed at teens and adults.

“Having worked directly with over 500 independent artists and comedians on our existing slate, we are incredibly proud of Look Mom! Productions’ unique approach to talent discovery, which we first developed through a production incubator programme of animated shorts,” said Bowen.

Blue Ant Media recently added to its kids’ and global networks division with four new hires charged with growing the reach of its specialist channels in EMEA.

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