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  • DeA Kids – Italy (Published in Alerts) 25-05-2017
    SCHEDULE WATCH CHANNEL PROFILE: De Agostini Editore’s flagship children’s pay channel DeA Kids is moving into the live-action scripted space, accompanied by big plans for internationally appealing IP.
  • Experimental methods (Published in News) 24-05-2017
    The battle for viewers has taken programming ideas and formats into strange new places, but audiences remain fascinated by social experiments.
  • Paper chase (Published in News) 23-05-2017
    The need for broadcasters to stand out from the crowd has led to the re-emergence of the paper format as a route to increased creativity and originality.
  • TRT Belgesel – Turkey (Published in Alerts) 22-05-2017
    SCHEDULE WATCH CHANNEL PROFILE: TRT Belgesel is relaunching this autumn on the back of a revamped content strategy and big international ambitions.
  • OwnZones Media Networks – Int’l (Published in Alerts) 16-05-2017
    SCHEDULE WATCH PROFILE: OwnZones Media Networks is looking for a slice of the global OTT pie with celebrity influencer-driven VoD apps, channels and cult content.
  • Antena 1 – Romania (Published in Alerts) 10-05-2017
    SCHEDULE WATCH CHANNEL PROFILE: Intact Media-owned Antena 1 has maintained its growth this spring fuelled by an appetite for new local and acquired formats.
  • TRT1 – Turkey (Published in Alerts) 05-05-2017
    SCHEDULE WATCH CHANNEL PROFILE: Turkish public channel TRT1 has expanded beyond the long-running drama series format dominating the country’s TV schedules. Gün Akyuz reports.
  • TRT formats initiative bears fruit (Published in News) 03-05-2017
    Turkish pubcaster TRT has revealed the first batch of projects to emerge from the formats initiative it launched 18 months ago for flagship channel TRT1.
  • TRT starts global factual drive (Published in News) 02-05-2017
    Turkish state broadcaster TRT’s factual channel, TRT Belgesel (TRT Documentary), is aiming to increase its presence on the global factual market ahead of a relaunch.
  • ZooMoo – Brazil (Published in Alerts) 21-04-2017
    SCHEDULE WATCH CHANNEL PROFILE: Preschool wildlife network ZooMoo’s Brazil operation is building up its coproduction ambitions on the back of a strengthened independent production sector.
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