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AMC’s Shudder dives into Black Lake

Black Lake was produced for MTG

AMC Networks’ thriller- and horror-skewing SVoD service Shudder has picked up Nordic noir mystery series Black Lake and the second season of Swedish drama Jordskott.

Produced by Banijay-owned Jarowskij, Black Lake will air on Shudder in the US, Canada, Germany and Austria from December 21. Shudder previously picked up the rights to the series, which was produced for MTG, in the UK and Ireland.

The show is set at a remote and neglected ski resort that has been closed for years after a crime took place at the location.

Jordskott, meanwhile, is distributed by ITV Studios Global Entertainment and will be shown on Shudder in the US and Canada from January 18.

The drama follows a police detective as she returns to her old job in Stockholm after some haunting occurrences.

Shudder has debuted international genre series throughout 2017 including three-part French series Beyond the Walls, The Valley and Missions. The SVoD service will coproduce season two of Missions, which is due to air in 2018.

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