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All4 inks up with Studio Lambert

Studio Lambert’s Sketch’s Prison Ink for All4

Channel 4 in the UK has commissioned Studio Lambert to explore the culture of tattoos in British prisons in a new show called Sketch’s Prison Ink for its VoD service All4.

Fronted by tattoo artist ‘Sketch’ Porter (Tattoo Fixers) and produced by Studio Lambert, the 8×11’ observational documentary series will follow the presenter as he immerses himself in the meaning and culture of prison tattoos.

The show will reveal the hidden meaning behind common prison tattoos, and ask why people are willing to take the huge health risks involved in self-inking to commemorate their most difficult moments. It will also show how some have used their own prison ink as a source of inspiration to help them turn their lives around.

Sketch’s Prison Ink was commissioned by Thom Gulseven, commissioning editor, and Daisy Mount, editor for All4. Jack Burgess and Matt J Smith are the executive producers with Niall O’Driscoll series producer for Studio Lambert.

The fourth season of Tattoo Fixers will return to E4 next month.

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