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All3, NBC in Million Second talks

CONTENT LONDON: All3Media America is “very hopeful” of extending its Million Second Quiz show on US network NBC, despite technical and ratings problems with the first season.

The show, which was produced by All3Media America, Universal Television and Studio Lambert, saw contestants live and compete in central Manhattan for 12 days.

An accompanying app, which allowed users to play along at home, suffered technical problems and ratings for the show slipped after its premiere, but Stephen Lambert, chairman of All3Media America, said the firm was in “active talks” about a second run.

“It probably won’t return in quite the same form we made it initially,” he said, adding that it would likely be turned “into a weekly series rather than stripped across two weeks.”

A return would be a boon for Lambert who made his first foray into pure entertainment formats with the show. The accompanying app, he added, was an integral part of the show and had been a success, despite crashing during the series, forcing host Ryan Seacrest to apologise.

Lambert admitted that it would be improved upon if a second season was commissioned, but said it had been “indisputably, extremely successful.”

“There were two million downloads of the app over a four-week period and it was number one for a week, with 30 million games played,” he said. “Whatever we think about the TV show the app was definitely a success.”

“When we bring this show back, which we’re very hopeful of in the US, we’ll enable you to challenge a friend to play head-to-head.” Lambert added that attracting a commercial partner to sponsor the app and provide prizes would also be a priority.

The show was eventually won by 25-year-old law graduate Andrew Kravis who took home US$2.6m, the highest amount ever won on a US gameshow.

All3 America was set up at the end of last year, replacing Studio Lambert USA, with Lambert becoming chairman and Eli Holzman president. The pair exec produced The Million Second Quiz along with David Hurwitz and Seacrest.

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